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Are you a new author or a small business trying to grow?

I generally use this as a space to share my most recent leadership lessons or experiences in the hope that I can help others continue to learn and grow. This post is slightly different. This post is about a small business helping a small business.

I was the author, editor, publisher, and photographer when I first published my book just over a year ago. Alas, I have learned that it helps to know when to ask for help. This is where Chad Branco comes in. Chad is an aspiring photographer who has taken some fantastic photos, generally of people, landscapes, and animals in the wild. As it turns out, I needed better images, and Chad needed a new challenge he hadn't faced (yet).

Working with Chad couldn't have been easier. I shipped him a few books and gave him full poetic license to help capture my book in a way that I could run better social media ad campaigns. His images did not disappoint! (see below)

If you're a small business looking to improve your image, or maybe you're also a new author trying to get your book in front of a larger audience, don't hesitate to reach out to photographers like who can work within your budget while also helping to elevate your game, whether in print, email, or social media.

Generally, small businesses (especially authors) have elementary images to highlight their core product. These photographs are anything but elementary. They're extraordinary.

Here are just a few of the photographs he took for me recently:

If you're in search of some amazing photos to help improve your own business, look him up, and tell him "Sir Jim" sent you.

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