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  • James Lord

Mentor a College Grad

Many of us know someone who recently graduated from college. For many of those grads, they'll enter the workforce and quickly develop a new routine of focusing on their work instead of themselves. People like you and I are in a unique position to #mentor a recent grad. Imagine if someone had taught us at a much earlier age about things like:

  • The power of compound interest (and how a 401k plan works)

  • Investing in an S&P500 fund or similar type of investment for the long-term

  • The benefit of being a constant learner (reading more books/podcasts)

  • The benefit of surrounding yourself with people who are more successful than you

  • Taxes (nobody prepared me for this!)

  • Credit (and staying out of debt)

  • the list goes on....

We're each in a position of strength to help our future leaders become even better than we were at their age, but it requires us to act.

Don't Wait, Lead Now.

Our future generation will thank us for it someday!

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