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  • James Lord

Throw your line in the water

I heard a story this weekend about a young boy struggling to catch fish in the ocean where he lived. Nearby was an old man who often watched the boy struggle to catch fish in the nearby bay. The old man approached the young boy and said, "You're doing it wrong... You can't catch any fish unless it's a falling tide." A falling tide is when the tide goes out very quickly, rushing out between the rocks. The boy said, "Well, aren't all the fish gone when the tide goes out?"

"No, no, no," the man said. That is when the tide stirs up the plankton. "The fish go crazy when this happens.... and it's about to happen in the next 45 minutes."

The two get their poles ready and begin catching more fish than they can handle.

It's unbelievable!

The lesson:

During a falling tide, you can only make one mistake, not having your line in the water.

The time between the tides in your life makes you think you're losing everything. You must try new things. You must be fully alive. Don't do the things you used to do. Try something new. Something different. Wake up each day, and live it to your fullest potential.

Get your line in the water - it's the most fertile time of your life.

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