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Proud to be a Friar

If you know me or read my book, then you know that, unlike most people, I went to college in my 30’s and 40’s. As a continuing-ed student who goes to class at night and on weekends, admittedly, you don’t get to experience what college is all about like most kids do.

As a Providence College graduate, I always felt this extra sense of “belonging” even though I wasn’t part of the traditional college experience.

A few weeks ago, my daughter was accepted to PC’s brand new nursing school, where only 50 nursing students were accepted in this program's inaugural year. Words could not explain our family's joy and excitement when we heard she was accepted. My daughter will carry on our family legacy that dates back three generations of Friars.

I know – this blog is supposed to be about #leadership, not fatherhood. So let’s get to it. Last weekend, Providence College hosted an “Accepted Student’s Weekend.” My wife & daughter attended the event, which concluded with a PC Basketball Game against DePaul. Less than an hour before the game started, Coach Ed Cooley stepped away from his coach responsibilities to speak to the accepted students joining the Friar/PC ranks this coming fall.

I cannot do this story much justice. Read what BRENDAN McGAIR of the Pawtucket Times wrote about the event here

We’re all leaders. We’re all extremely busy. Everyone has places to be and things to do. Coach Ed Cooley believed it was not only important that they won that game against DePaul (Spoiler Alert: - PC WON!!!), but he felt it was equally important to speak to the incoming class of Friars just minutes before the game. That’s a lesson in #leadership we can all learn. Don’t ever become too full of yourself. Don’t pass on an opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life. My wife and daughter were in disbelief that this extremely important leadership figure was taking time just minutes before the game to speak to these students and their families. It’ll be a moment they’ll never forget.

You and I both have the same opportunity to create moments that others will never forget.

Will we show up for them? Or will we be too busy and worried about the game?

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